Topo Lock Maps on the Apple App Store

Currently available on iOS. Android and web are coming soon.


  1. 🔒 End-to-End Encrypted (E2EE):

  2. 📌 Waypoints:

    • Mark waypoints, change colors, add notes.
  3. ⛺ Offline maps:

    • Maps can be download offline ahead of time and saved on your device so while in the field you can continue to use maps with no network connection.
  4. 🚶 Trails

  5. 🧰 Measuring tools

  6. ✅ Simple maps and user interface

  7. ⚡ Blazing fast maps

  8. 🔋 Efficient battery usage

    • No extraneous background processing & offline mode to reduce battery usage.
  9. ♾️ You own your data forever

    • Regardless if you have a subscription or not, you continue to own your data forever. Maps that you have downloaded never expire either. Your waypoints, tracks, and other data is yours forever and never paywalled.
  10. ⚡ Local First Software:

    • The app works smoothly regardless of network connectivity.

Currently Available Base Maps

  • World Vector Open Street Map
  • U.S. Vector Contour Lines
  • World hill-shade
  • USGS Raster Topo Mosaic

Currently Available Layers

  • Montana Parcel and Land Ownership Data
  • North Carolina Parcel and Land Ownership Data
  • North Carolina Public Game / Hunt Lands
  • West Virginia Parcel and Land Ownership Data

No Bloatware / 💩

  1. 🚫 No social media SDKs

  2. 🚫 No private data harvesting / mining

  3. 🚫 No ads

  4. 🚫 No 3rd party data brokers

  5. 🚫 No trail ratings

  6. 🚫 No “AI”

  7. 🚫 No push notifications / distractions

Who is Topo Lock Maps for?

Topo Lock Maps is built for any outdoor enthusiast that want private, simple, fast maps:

  • hikers, hunters, mountain bikers, game wardens, fishermen, trail runners, privacy enthusiast, backpacker, scouts and troops, bird watcher, wilderness first responders, search and rescue teams, off-roaders, police officers, trail maintainers, private investigators, world travelers, arrowhead hunters, preppers, park rangers, thru hikers